Taking the Next Step: Multiple Problems

Keith and Carmen sought help from Dr. Phil because they have been married and divorced ... twice.  Here's what they had to say on the show:

"Keith and I have been on a 20-year cycle of getting together and breaking up," Carmen said.

"I've been married to Carmen twice. I hope that the third marriage is the charm," Keith said.

"The first time we were married, we were both too young to handle being parents and spouses," Carmen said.

"I love Carmen to death, but sometimes I can't stand her," Keith said.

Carmen gives an update since the show:

We were so incredibly excited to share our story with Dr. Phil, since we really were at a crossroads in our relationship. Dr. Phil's advice for our relationship was quite practical and useful. He suggested that we begin healing by first putting a list together of all the issues we have faced during our relationship. These topics included financial issues, problems with in-laws, co-parenting and overall communication with each other. He finally suggested that we wait to remarry until we resolved the major issues on our list. We were even blessed with counseling services provided by Dr. Phil in our hometown! We are currently one-third through our counseling sessions, and communication between Keith and I has improved tremendously. We are now continuing to work on a better relationship for ourselves, as well as for our family.

We are still working out tension concerning Keith's son living with us. Since we are only one-third through our counseling sessions, we are still primarily working on individual goals. We will, however, be addressing specific marital goals/issues within the next few sessions.

The children love our new communication strategies! They see that Mom and Dad are collaborating to parent and are happy with the united responses they see and feel!

Keith and I have finally learned to listen to each other! We give each other the opportunity to speak and make a point. We are now able to finally understand each other's points of view.

Keith and I will eventually tie the knot, but we have decided to work through our issues completely before we take that final step toward marriage. We think three will be the charm for our family!

Thank you Dr. Phil and staff!