The Autism Answer

Autism is a developmental disorder that can be reliably diagnosed by or before age 3, and is four times more prevalent in boys than in girls. Although autism has been defined, there is tremendous confusion and misinformation with parents about what path to take to maximize success. Dr. Frank Lawlis wrote the following brief guide for those parents who need some direction and understanding of what their child experiences and what resources are available.  

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The Autism Answer
by Dr. Frank Lawlis
This e-book will be available at no cost during April, Autism Awareness Month.



Special Thanks


Dr. Frank Lawlis was Dr. Phil's professor while he was earning his PhD, and Dr. Phil is proud to call Dr. Lawlis his mentor. In addition to his duties as chairman of the Dr. Phil Advisory Board, Dr. Lawlis serves as a consultant to the show, and his CDs have been featured in connection with weight loss, relaxation and general wellness. He is also an expert on ADD and ADHD, and offers advice on a host of issues from parenting with pills to dealing with violent children.

Dr. Lawlis has blazed new approaches in the care of kids and adults with neurological problems. He is the co-founder of the Lawlis Peavey PsychoNeuroPlasticity (PNP) Center. Dr. Lawlis has authored and co-authored more than 100 articles, including the best-selling book The ADD Answer and The IQ Answer.



Taking the Next Step

Former guest Jessica finds help for her autistic son through Dr. Lawlis and the Lawlis Peavey PNP Center.