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  • "I feel it is my God-given right to judge people. I'm a lawyer, and the next step in my career would be to become a judge, so why not start judging people now?"
  • "I was judged from the moment I was born."
  • Battled with her weight her entire life. Was teased and compared to thin siblings. "I kept my head in the books because I felt like all I had was my brain."
  • In 2004, at 26, she had gastric bypass surgery. "Now I think I am perfect; nothing is wrong with me. I am much stronger now!"
  • "At this point I don't care what anyone thinks of me. No one can tell me anything. I make six figures, drive nice cars and have a great house."
  • Recognizes that her diva attitude has negative consequences. "Being judgmental has severed many relationships. My family and close friends keep things from me because they are scared I will judge them. They don't come to me for advice. It makes me feel like they don't even trust me with what's going on in their lives. They could be going through a rough time, but when they're around me, they'll act like things are fine."
  • "My soon-to-be ex-husband thinks I am way too judgmental and that's one of the reasons why we are getting a divorce. He says that I'm not the girl he married. I was a sweet and caring woman then, but now he thinks I am a Hollywood diva who criticizes everyone. I was actually this person before, but I hid it because I was fat. Now I don't let anyone run over me."

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Alana blogs about reaching out to Dr. Phil for help and her first impressions:

"I came on the show to convince Dr. Phil that there is nothing wrong with my judgmental behavior. From birth, society has judged me. I am a product of my environment. Hell, anyone who is reading my blog is most likely judging me. All I have to say is, 'If you don't like my attitude, change yours' ... "


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