AGE 45



TWO KIDS (10 AND 17)

  • "I am a strong woman. I am confident, funny, analytical, aggressive, opinionated, independent, beautiful and a little crazy! I know I am definitely not perfect."
  • "Alone, I raised two amazing and truly compassionate children and designed and built Blue Surf Sanctuary, a boutique hotel and surf school in Costa Rica, from the ground up."
  • "I have spent many years working on myself, with a therapist, books, yoga, meditation, and mostly through practicing my spirituality."
  • Has extremely high standards for potential suitors. For instance, her list includes: square jaw, dark hair, light eyes, tall, broad shoulders, fit, medium-sized lips. He has to be intelligent, have a sense of humor, have confidence, be compassionate and successful. 
  • "I place a high value on aesthetics " I love beautiful things! I'm beautiful, my kids are beautiful, my home is beautiful. It is a superficial requirement, but I can't deny that that's what I want. I have chemistry with a beautiful man."
  • "I think I intimidate men just by who I am."
  • Wants to be in a relationship. "I get sad when I realize that I am not modeling how I want my kids to be in their relationships, but at least I am showing them how to be a powerful, accomplished business woman." 

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Gloria blogs about reaching out to Dr. Phil for help and her first impressions:

"I find myself truly wondering if I am getting in the way of my own happiness ... I am a strong, beautiful, powerful and intelligent woman who has manifested nothing short of miracles in my life ... but why can't I seem to fulfill my deepest desire and fantasy?

MY SOULMATE: A wonderful, loving, supportive, intelligent, hysterically funny, HANDSOME, fit, loves children (of course), loves dogs, has a 6-pack, blue eyes, rips on a surfboard, entrepreneur, spiritual (but doesn't wear yoga pants) bohemian, yet very successful man to SHARE MY LIFE!!?? Long list? Realistic? Ha! ..."


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