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Texting While Driving


 Should texting while driving be outlawed? Do you text message while you drive?

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Dr. Phil's experts weigh in:


Northern California Democratic State Senator Joe Simitian, who wrote the bill that Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger signed into law which prevents texting and e-mailing while driving in the state of California.

  • I know some folks say, 'Do we really need a law, isn't it common sense?' Unfortunately, common sense isn't all that common.
  • People who say they can text and drive safely at the same time sound like the same folks who said they can hold their liquor while driving -- they are kidding themselves.
  • Texing is so obviously dangerous. It's hard to imagine, but of the people who use text messaging, more than half also text while driving.
  • To those who disagree with the law, I say this bill may one day save the lives of their kids.




Republican California State Assemblyman Chuck Devore believes the law is unnecessary government overkill:

  • The current law allows you to dial a cell phone. How are the police going to tell the difference between a person dialing a cell phone which is legal and texting on a cell phone which will soon be illegal?
  • Are we now going to see a spate of laws that say you can't eat in the car, you can't talk to your children in the car, you can't change the radio in the car? because those activities can lead to accidents, too.
  • People are going to start to resent getting pulled over for something legal and having to prove they were not doing something illegal.
  • There are already serious penalties and fines if you cause injury due to reckless driving.


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