A Boy in Trouble

April 24, 2008

If you think sexual predators are perverts who lurk in the bushes, on the Internet, or hang out at school yards, you couldn't be more wrong. What if they were a member of your family? What if you found out that your own child was molesting other children?

This show contains strong sexual content and language. Viewer discretion is advised.



A Boy in Pain
Parker is a 12-year-old boy who's been expelled from school for violent behavior and sexually assaulting other children. His mother, Sherie-Lynn, and her husband, Todd, have a suspicion about where Parker's behavior comes from. 

"I knew deep inside of me that he had been molested." 



Predator in the Family?
Sherie-Lynn thinks her father, Al, molested Parker because she says he sexually abused her as a child. Al admits to inappropriately touching Sherie-Lynn once when she was a baby, but
says she's just jealous of his bond with Parker.

Dr. Phil uncovers more than one of Al's victims.



Nowhere to Turn
Sherie-Lynn's mom, Elaine, says she witnessed the bathtub incident with Sherie-Lynn, as well as Al beating her with an extension cord. Why didn't she protect her daughter? And, Dr. Phil digs deeper into Al's history with his grandson.


"You've got a real credibility problem here." 



A Marriage of Convenience?
Sherie-Lynn stands by her painful recollections
of being molested by Al at ages 3 and 7. Whom does Elaine believe? Dr. Phil questions her about her marriage and commitment to Al.



"Our marriage has prospered."    



The conversation continues.