Sister-in-Law from Hell?

August 20, 2008


They say when you marry, you marry the whole family. But what happens when a member of your new extended family is a source of chaos and pain?



Conniving Kelly? 

Five relatives claim their sister-in-law, Kelly, is toxic. They say she spreads gossip, sends stalking e-mails and acts self-centered and psychotic.


"She's driven a wedge in this family."



Devilish Daughter-in-Law?
Kelly's father-in-law, Austin, calls her The Destroyer and says she's hell-bent on ruining the relationship between his sons, Tim, Greg and her husband, Bill. Kelly believes she's being unfairly targeted because she showed up in court as a witness for Greg's ex-wife.


"She slanders our family."



Family Scapegoat?

The outspoken sister-in-law may not be an angel, but is Kelly the only one at fault? Find out why her friend, Jennifer, feels Kelly is getting a bad rap.




Can Kelly and her family bury the hatchet and move forward?