Child with a Child

August 17, 2009

Every parent can tell you that raising a child is often demanding, thankless, hard work. But when a teenager gets pregnant and has a child of her own, the result can be stress and chaos for both mother and baby " along with every other member of the family.

Under One Roof
Teenage mom Meghann, 18, lives at home but fights constantly with her family. Her parents and sister say she doesn't pay enough attention to her son, Gabriel, she's irresponsible and that she's put her child in danger. But the young mother says her relatives just won't give her a chance, and she needs to get out " but how?

"She won't respond. She shows no emotion. It's like it's not her baby."

On a Self-Destructive Path?
Find out why the police paid a late night visit to the family home, and what Meghann's mom found in her daughter's purse that stoked her fears about Gabriel's safety.

Should Meghann move out? Learn what Dr. Phil thinks.