Dr. Phil Family Returns: Alex Speaks Out

October 19, 2009

Since returning to the Dr. Phil set, Katherine's troubles with the law and her boyfriend, Sean, have taken center stage in the Dr. Phil Family. Now, for the first time in five years, Alexandra is back and talking about the dramatic turns her life has taken. Get an inside look into her troubled world.


Get caught up with this family.

  • Alexandra speaks out about her parents. Read her blog.
  • Read Katherine's candid thoughts about her parents on her blog.



Marty Speaks Out

Marty, father to Alexandra and Katherine, sits down with Dr. Phil. Find out his biggest fears regarding his daughters and grandchildren, Nathan and Leilah. 





"She could die."



Alex Stands Up

Go inside Alexandra's world now, and see her response to the comments her family has made about her. In a video diary, she has harsh words for her mom.





Find out what makes Erin break down.



Katherine Update

Katherine shares her update. Find out if she's still dating Sean and how her life has changed. And, Alexandra makes an emotional plea to her sister. Is Katherine moved by the tears?




"It's the pot calling the kettle black, once again."




Viewers Chime In

Viewers lit up the message board with comments about Katherine, and many wanted to know why Dr. Phil didn't read her the riot act.





Tracy tells Dr. Phil why he should have been tougher on Katherine.



Alexandra and Dr. Phil

Dr. Phil sits down with Alex for the first time in five years.






Find out why he says, "The minute she opened her mouth, warning bells went off."