Don't Do It Again in 2010!

January 4, 2010

Dr. Phil and his special guests have advice for how to leave bad habits behind in 2009! Joined by the King of Comedy Steve Harvey and comedienne Kathleen Madigan, Dr. Phil takes a lighthearted look at New Year's resolutions. 








Steve Harvey

King of Comedy Steve Harvey is the best-selling author of Act Like a Lady, Think Like a Man. He talks with Dr. Phil about his book on relationships, what he's learned about women and his upcoming projects.  




See what the hilarious comedian has been up to!



Dating Dilemma
Michelle says she has a little problem with dating losers and liars. She's ready to leave them behind '09. 




What is she doing wrong? 



What's Your Sign?
Find out why one woman says she can't work for a Capricorn, her daughter can't drive with a Libra, and she can't be married to a Sagittarius.



Is she being too judgmental?



What Will You Resolve?

Comedienne Kathleen Madigan hit the streets to see just what it is that people don't want to do again in the New Year.





See what she learns.

What is Kathleen's resolution?


When the Cows Come Home
Denise has Guinness World Record-sized collection, and one item specifically has her kids wishing she'd never wear it again 2010!




"It's not even black and white anymore; it's grey and yellow." 


Give Up Custody in 2010?
Natalie says her boyfriend shares custody of a dog with an ex-girlfriend. She has concerns for how long this ex will be in their lives, because of their doggie arrangement. Is she selfish for wanting one of them to give up custody?


See what Dr. Phil and Steve Harvey think.