Jay Follow-Ups

April 10, 2003

Jay McGraw and Dr. Phil catch up with some of their most memorable teen guests.

One of Jay's first interviews on Dr. Phil was with a runaway named Angela in "Rescuing Angela." After the show, the troubled teen returned home, only to run away again and end up in jail.


Find out where Angela is today. 

On "The Sex Talk," Jay talked to a group of teens about the impact that sex and oral sex had had on their lives. Megan, 17, now says her appearance on the show made her a "new person."



See how Megan has changed.

Leslie and Ariel
After watching Jay's interview with Megan on "The Sex Talk," Leslie wrote to Dr. Phil asking how to discuss sex with her 15-year-old daughter, Ariel, who she suspects is sexually active. 


View Leslie and Ariel's story and hear Dr. Phil's advice.



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