Sex Wars

August 14, 2003

For Dr. Phil's guests, the bedroom has become a battlefield. Find out how you can put that spark back into your relationship!

A Year Without Sex
After gaining weight from two pregnancies, Jennifer says she hates her body. She says she has been rejecting her husband, Jim's, sexual advances because, "If I don't want to see myself naked, I can't imagine him liking what he sees."

Dr. Phil explains why self-acceptance is key.


A Frustrated Newlywed
Married only seven months, Rachelle says she is tired of having to beg her husband, Mark, for sex. Mark says that since opening their own business, his 90-hour work weeks have left him too exhausted.


View their story and Dr. Phil's advice.

Update: How are they doing today?


An Oral Obligation?
Renee wants to know if it's a wife's duty to give her husband oral sex, because she doesn't want "that thing" anywhere near her mouth. Renee's husband, Jim, would like Dr. Phil to clarify things as well " because he's tired of asking for it!

See what Dr. Phil tells this couple.


Death by Viagra?
Leonard and Debbie haven't had sex since his heart surgery " 10 years ago! He wants to fill his Viagra prescription. She's afraid that if he does, she'll kill him with sex.


Find out what Dr. Phil advises.

 Update: See how they're doing.


Couple Follow-Up
Loretta and Orlando appeared on "When Sexual Styles Don't Match." "Since the show, we've had more sex and it's been positive " a lot better for our marriage," says Orlando. Loretta says, "Because of Dr. Phil, our sex war is over!"