Fighting for Your Child

April 15, 2010
Parents: What should you do when you feel your child's rights are being violated? New Yorkers were outraged when a 12-year-old was handcuffed at school for doodling on her desk. Plus, Dr. Phil examines shocking surveillance footage of teachers caught on tape!
Extreme Punishment?
Twelve-year-old Alexa made headlines when she was arrested for doodling on her desk at school. Her mother, Moraima, says she feels outraged and helpless by the incident. 

Shocking Situation in School
Dramatic surveillance video captures a non-verbal, autistic 14-year-old boy being dragged out of a classroom and placed in a dark room. Hear how his father, Vikas, claims his son was being abused.

Discipline or Abuse?
A technique known as prone restraint is being used in schools across the country to subdue out-of-control students. Dr. Phil examines the story of an eighth grader who died after he was physically restrained by a teacher.

Cuffed in the Classroom
Dr. Phil shows footage of a 5-year-old being led out of a room in handcuffs by four police officers. An attorney for the child says that the authorities used excessive force, but the teacher who shot the video says there is more to the story than meets the eye.