The Dr. Phil Housewives

September 14, 2010

Series Premiere

Dr. Phil takes a journey along with his viewers. "Six different women are here for six different reasons," Dr. Phil says. "Usually when people come on the show, I know a lot about them before they get here. But not this time. This time, I'm going to learn about them right along with you. I wanted this to unfold in a natural way, and I wanted to let these women not be defined by an issue they had declared when they came here, but by the issues that organically came up during these discussions. Now, one thing I know for sure is you're going to find yourself in these six stories."





Meet the Dr. Phil Housewives!


The Housewives have joined the Dr. Phil community! Read their blogs and follow along on their personal journey!



Tensions and raw emotions come to the surface when the Dr. Phil Housewives meet for the very first time! On the surface, Alana, Jennifer, Gloria, Rachael, Michelle and Kimm appear to have it all together " successful careers, good families, comfortable homes " but when Dr. Phil peels away the layers, new revelations and even some life-threatening issues are exposed.



The women meet Dr. Phil, and it doesn't take long for things to get real! Alana shares her story, and Dr. Phil challenges what her purpose is.




"One of us is not telling the truth."



After Michelle tries to come to Alana's rescue, Dr. Phil makes his first observations about her.




"Don't you get tired of having to control everything all the time?"



Kimm shares the shocking way she spends most days and why she feels guilty.





"I have spent the last eight years in bed."



Rachael opens up about what she's struggling with. 





"I'm not able to forgive my mother."



Find out why Jennifer is asking for help.




"I feel like if I'd have been a better wife, he wouldn't have gone somewhere else."



 Dr. Phil gives his thoughts after his first meeting with the Housewives:

"Don't think I haven't realized a few of these ladies are flying under the radar."



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