Debate Dr. Phil, Part 2

April 11, 2003

All of the guests on today's show have one thing in common: They all have a bone to pick with Dr. Phil!

"Fightin' Words"
The show "Living with the War, Part 2" generated a flood of viewer feedback. While most of it was positive, some questioned why Dr. Phil had those "damn demonstrators" on the show. Others thought Dr. Phil was pro war " with one even calling him a "Texas bonehead."

Dr. Phil answers viewer feedback questions.

Dr. Phil a Sexist?
Mary calls Dr. Phil a "sexist" for comments she thought he made on "The Other Woman" show. Did Dr. Phil really say that it's the woman's fault if her husband cheats?



Family Co-Sleeping
In "How to Talk to Your Kids About..." Dr. Phil said he does not endorse children sleeping in the same bed with their parents. Judy, a mother of three, thinks Dr. Phil's advice was "ridiculous!" 



Boy Toys
When Dr. Phil told a mother to stop letting her 5-year-old boy play with girl toys on "Ask Dr. Phil," Darnell wrote in saying that doing so would hurt the boy and send him a wrong message.




Jeers of a Clown
Kathy, a professional clown, was infuriated after watching "How to Talk to Your Kids About..." "You told a little boy that he needed to get a good education so he didn't wind up with a 'bad' job, like 'the man in the duck suit outside the pet store.'" 



Teens and Sex
Did Dr. Phil let boys off the hook in a show about teens and sex? One mom thinks so.


Watch all of these guests debate Dr. Phil.