Dr. Phil Housewives in the House

January 18, 2011

The Dr Phil Housewives " Rachael, Jennifer, Kimm, Gloria, Alana and Michelle " are in the house! If you've ever struggled with infidelity, weight issues, being a single mom, strained family relationships, jealousy, uncontrollable anger, depression, bickering or judgmental friends, then you don't want to miss the hottest series in daytime. The DrPhil.com message boards and the Housewives Facebook page have been abuzz with comments. Now, fans and critics are in the audience, and the Housewives answer their burning questions. Tune in to get caught up and see what you've been missing! 







Missed an episode? Get caught up!



Gloria was voted most relatable on DrPhil.com, but she may be considered the most controversial.





Get to know this single mom looking for love.


Find out if Gloria says she would have behaved differently in some situations.




Alana can be considered the most outspoken Housewife, never afraid to voice her opinion.





Learn how Alana's struggle with her weight has influenced her behavior. 


See how Alana reacts when an audience member calls her a bully!




Kimm is a stay-at-home mother who, for the last eight years, rarely got out of bed.






Kimm shares what her life was like.


Has Kimm changed?




A week before the Housewives met for the first time, Jennifer found out that her husband of 16 years was having an affair.




Get caught up with Jennifer's story.


Meet a fan who confronts the other women on Jennifer's behalf.




Michelle says she was cheated on by her fiancé, and she hasn't been on a date in a year and a half. 





Learn about Michelle and her strained relationship with her father.


An audience member calls Michelle "Switzerland." How does she feel about the comparison?




Rachael is the youngest of the women, and she recently found out she is expecting a baby boy.





Rachael reveals what's at the root of her anger.


Hear from Angel, the father of Rachael's baby. Does he think Rachael has changed?



The Single Guy
Most fans of the show are women, but one man, Wayne, has become one of the biggest fans of the series. He writes a popular blog about the show and has even come up with nicknames for the women: He refers to Kimm as Stay-in-Bed Mom, Gloria as Strutter Mom and Alana as Her Diva-ness.


Find out Wayne's names for the other women and how his love for the ladies began.



Heated Discussions on the DrPhil.com Message Boards

Narelle says she joined the DrPhil.com community solely to come to Gloria's defense. She joins the show via Polycom and says, "I felt that everyone's self-esteem was dependent on putting somebody else down, and Gloria was the person they were putting down. And when she went for that wine, I said, ‘You get that whole bottle. Forget one glass!' I felt so bad for her."

Gloria laughs.