Worst Spouse In America

August 25, 2003

These husbands and wives have nominated their partners as the worst! Are they really all that bad, or are there unrealistic expectancies in these marriages?

Worst Spouse in the Americas?
Julia divorced Luis in 1993 and says she remarried him because he promised things would get better. She says he drinks constantly, calls her names and often doesn't come home at night. He says she is a nag and that he only came on the show to prove she is "crazy and ridiculous."

Update: Find out if Julia and Luis are still fighting.

Worst Slob in America
Dave has nominated his wife, Julie, the "Worst Slob in America" because their house has been "an absolute mess" for nine years. Julie admits that even when guests come over, she doesn't clean. She just "shoves the mess into the bedroom."


Update: See how Julie is doing today.


Worst Decorator in America
Married for less than two years, Monica says her husband, Jeff, is the "Worst Decorator in America" because he wants to keep their family room just the way it is " his vinyl recliner included. "I am emotionally attached to the chair," protests Jeff. "If something happens to it, you can just start me on antidepressants right away." Monica asks, "Dr. Phil, can you help me?"

Dr. Phil enlists the help of his wife, Robin, and Elizabeth Mayhew, Style Director of Real Simple Magazine, to come up with a design that will please both Julia and Jeff.

View the amazing before-and-after pictures.  


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