Who Should Raise These Kids?

September 6, 2011

After a shocking discovery was made in her home, 23-year-old Peanut lost custody of her two children to her father, Randy. Now the young mother says she's ready to raise her own children, but Randy disagrees. This tense father-daughter feud has festered into a full-blown custody battle that's tearing the entire family apart. Can Dr. Phil repair this broken home before it self-destructs? And, who is the best parent for Peanut's precious pair? 

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"I Had to Get Them Out of That Situation" 
Randy reveals the incident that caused him to file for emergency custody of his grandchildren. Plus, Dr. Phil serves Peanut a much-needed dose of reality.

"They're your children!"

Sleeping Accommodations Compared
Randy and Angie say they're the best parents for Peanut's children, but who offers a more child-friendly home? Dr. Phil takes an exclusive tour of the couple's apartment, where he discovers a surprise that leaves him unnerved.

Can Peanut provide a better home?

"I Am Scared to Death of Him"
Dr. Phil proposes a custody plan to help the family move forward but first tackles Peanut and Randy's broken relationship. Peanut says she was close to her father as a child, but they grew distant in her teenage years. What role did Randy play in their disconnect? And, can they mend their broken bond?

"Right now she doesn't need a father. What she needs is her daddy."