The Cost of Beauty

July 6, 2012
From Botox to plastic surgery, to crazy dieting and countless hours of exercise, many women are going to extremes to achieve their perception of the perfect look — but how is this adult trend impacting young girls?

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Addicted to Plastic Surgery?
Sarah found herself in the middle of a heated debate on The Doctors. With more than 100 plastic surgery procedures, Sarah says she doesn't plan to stop any time soon. The show's co-host, Dr. Travis Stork, encouraged Sarah to meet with Dr. Phil. Is she addicted to going under the knife? Find out the horrific event that led to her plastic surgery obsession, and why Dr. Phil is concerned about the message she's sending her daughters.

"For six years, I lived looking like a monster."

Sexy Too Soon
Debi says that after her 15-year-old daughter Becca lost weight, she not only started dressing sexy, she also started dating men in their 20s! Debi says that she battles with Becca daily about her inappropriate wardrobe and behavior, and is now seeing her 8-year-old emulate her big sister. Can Dr. Phil get Becca to realize that she's more than just a pretty face?

"When guys look at me, I feel like I'm actually worth something."