The Mysterious Death of Rebecca Zahau

November 14, 2011
Did Rebecca Zahau take her own life, or was foul play involved? Questions surrounding the young woman's death have left her family in search of answers. Attorney Anne Bremner and private investigator Paul Ciolino reveal possible evidence that they say may have been ignored. Plus, learn from Rebecca's sister, Mary, about her last conversation with her sister.

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A Great Loss
Rebecca Zahou's sister, Mary, and her husband, Doug, say that they believe Rebecca never would have taken her own life and feel strongly that she fell victim to foul play. Is there more to this case, or are they simply loved ones unable to accept their loss?

“I want people to know that we are trying to find the truth, so, at some point, we can mourn Becky, and she can rest in peace.”

Cause to Re-Open the Case?
Rebecca's family says the initial investigation gave them more questions than answers and they have hired attorney Anne Bremner in their quest for justice. Anne reviews the evidence she says police neglected. But is it enough to re-open the case?

“The fact is: This was a rush to judgment.”

The Reenactment
In search of answers, San Diego affiliate KFMB-TV stages a reenactment of the crime scene. Do the results point to foul play or an open-and-shut case of suicide? Plus, what does Rebecca's last text message to her sister reveal about her state of mind?

“That is not the last image that she would want to leave with us.”

The P.I.
Hired by the family, private investigator Paul Ciolino delves deeper into the case. What clues does he say were ignored? Plus, learn what Paul says Rebecca's personality reveals.

“This is Investigation 101.”