Deadbeat Dad?

June 27, 2012
Katlynn, Zach and Amber say their dad, Todd, is a deadbeat who prioritizes everything — his job, his wife and new family — over them. They say since divorcing their mom, Hiedi, nine years ago, Todd has repeatedly missed weekend visits, failed to pay child support and even wrote a letter denouncing his parental rights. Todd says he loves his children but he’s so strapped for cash that sometimes he doesn't even have enough gas money to visit. He also accuses Hiedi of making things difficult for him. Could Todd be doing more, or is he just getting a bad rap?

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An Absentee Father?
Todd's children, Zach, Amber and Katlynn, say their father puts them last on his list, fails to pay child support and constantly flakes out on visitations. Todd says his ex-wife, Hiedi, is to blame. See what happens when the family faces off, and hear why Todd says he hasn't seen his youngest, 16-year-old Katlynn, in over a year. Do the kids still want a relationship with their father? And, does Todd want to be a part of their lives?

“You can’t pay what you don’t have.”

New Wife, New Priorities?
Todd says his new wife, Rolanda, is his top priority — but does he have his priorities mixed up? Rolanda weighs in on the feud, and Dr. Phil offers some advice to help fix this shattered family.

“They’re asking you about why you can’t see them, not about back child support.”