Smart People, Bad Choices

January 1, 2013
Do you consider yourself smart, yet continue to make bad choices? This New Year, stop setting yourself up for pain and problems, and put all the drama and bad choices in the rearview mirror!

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Five-Year War
Since their divorce five years ago, Jennifer and Phil have been at war, and their three children are caught on the battleground. Jennifer says her “sperm donor” of an ex-husband doesn’t make enough of an effort to see their children and owes her nearly $30,000 in back child support and other responsibilities. Phil says Jennifer is a habitual liar who “infects” the kids with lies about him and is on a mission to keep the kids from him.

“You do not ask children to involve themselves in adult issues.”

Children of Divorce
Jennifer says the kids not wanting to see their father has nothing to do with her and everything to do with the abuse they have endured. And, Jennifer and Phil’s three children share their thoughts about their father and their home situation. Dr. Phil issues words of warning to these parents.

“Are you two so close to this that you don’t see that your priorities are wrong?”

Smart Thinking and Breaking Bad Habits
Dr. Art Markman has published over 125 scientific papers, developed training programs for billion-dollar companies, is a professor of Psychology and Marketing at University of Texas and a member of the Dr. Phil Advisory Board. His new book, Smart Thinking, offers his three-part formula for employing effective learning and smart thinking in your life. Plus, he helps Rachel learn how to break a bad habit that has followed her since childhood.

Do you have a bad habit you need to break?