Unusual Syndromes and Fears

March 9, 2012
Brett, 24, is an adult baby who admits to wearing diapers, sleeping in a custom-made crib and having his girlfriend, Cat, bathe, change and spoon-feed him. Is this a fetish Brett can grow out of, or is something deeper at play? And, 55-year-old Robin says she’s terrified of riding in cars. What’s at the source of her anxiety?

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"I Love to be Treated Like a Baby"
Brett says his desire to wear a diaper and a onesie started long ago. Get a glimpse of a day in his life and learn how people treat him. And, find out what Dr. Phil thinks.

Is this a fetish, a disorder or a lifestyle?

Brett's Babysitter
Brett's girlfriend, Cat, says she accepts Brett and mothers him without protest, but has concerns about their future. Learn about an incident that she says put their relationship in jeopardy. And, Dr. Phil drills down on Brett — and Cat.

“Does your daddy know about this?”

Shotgun for a Ride of Terror
Robin says sitting in the passenger seat while her husband, Michael, is at the wheel is enough to set off a panic attack. Find out what happened that landed her in the hospital! With their marriage at odds over her anxiety, does a cure lie on the road ahead?

"That anxiety is the worst you can experience.”