Coming Clean

January 27, 2012
Debby, a 58-year-old certified medical assistant, admits to lying, stealing and calling in fake prescriptions to feed her addiction to the powerful painkiller Hydrocodone. Will she accept Dr. Phil’s help? Plus, see what happens when she faces her daughter for the first time in eight years!

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A Painful Addiction
Debby says her longtime addiction to Hydrocodone has cost her several jobs, sent her to jail and torn her family apart, but she still can't stop. She admits to popping as many as 60 pills a day and shopping around to more than 100 doctors in search of her next fix. Her daughter, Heather, faces Debby for the first time in eight years on Dr. Phil's stage. See the emotional reunion, and find out if Debby's son, Kyle, will be the next to cut his mother out of his life.

“Your only train of thought is where to get that next prescription.”

Debby's Wake-up Call

Former Dr. Phil guest and recovering addict Joani Gammill says she can relate to Debby. She shares her story and offers Debby advice on how to get clean — and stay clean. Will Debby accept Dr. Phil's offer?

“[If you quit cold turkey], you could end up with a heart attack and all kinds of problems.”

After the Show

Debby reflects on her experience and looks toward the future.

Find out what happened to Debby after the show!