Double Trouble: Violent Twins

August 21, 2012
Dan and Teresa say their 16-year-old identical twins, Dallas and Drew, are violent, destructive and dangerous, and they fear someone will end up seriously hurt, or even dead. What’s at the root of the teens’ anger and extreme jealousy that’s driving them apart? Could the parents be contributing to the explosive situation?

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A Ticking Time Bomb?
From sleeping with girls in their parents' bed to punching holes in the walls, Dallas and Drew have no regard for their parents' rules and their extreme behavior is dividing the household. Their parents, Dan and Teresa say they are desperate for a solution to the chaos.

"They are in charge of our house right now."

Twice the Trouble
Drew and Dallas join the conversation and Dr. Phil doesn't mince words with the teens. Then, the family goes through a timeline of how the bad behavior has escalated. And, Dr. Phil has the twins engage in an emotionally-charged exercise that leaves them both in tears.

What is the source of the boys' aggression?

After the Show
Drew and Dallas are offered an opportunity to go to separate programs to work on their individual issues.

Will they accept?