A Most Unusual Love Triangle

August 16, 2012
One-time high school sweethearts Tracey and Doug say they first started having problems about 15 years into their 23-year marriage. About a year ago, Doug admitted to having an affair with a transgender female, Essence. Tracey wants Doug to decide between her and his lover once and for all so that she can move on with her life — but why is she leaving the decision up to him?

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A Secret Revealed
Tracey says it's hard enough to deal with the fact that her husband, Doug, is having an affair, but what's even more difficult to grasp is that he's cheating with a transgender woman, Essence. Has Doug known about his sexuality all this time? Why did he stray? And, will a shocking revelation make Tracey think twice about saving the marriage?

“She just kept pushing me away.”

Meet Essence
Tracey confronts Essence for the first time since Doug revealed his affair. With everything now on the table, will Tracey decide to end her marriage for good, or leave the decision to Doug? Does Dr. Phil think this marriage can be salvaged? And how does Essence feel about dating a married man?

“Why are you waiting for him to decide what’s going to happen in your life?”