Questionable Cigarette Burns and Calls to CPS!

August 2, 2012
Stacy, 33, and her live-in boyfriend, Eric, 30, deny accusations that they burned Stacy’s then 3-year-old daughter, Hannah, with cigarettes in October 2010. The two were arrested and spent one week in jail after they claim a doctor’s report led to police filing charges against them. The couple says they’re desperate to clear their names. What will lie detector tests reveal? Then, Kerry has reported her 27-year-old daughter, Christina, to CPS four times for allegedly abusing her 6-year-old grandson, and she fears her 1-year-old grandson will be next. Are Christina's kids at risk, or is there something deeper at play in this mother-daughter feud?

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Eczema or Cigarette Burns?
Stacy and Eric say they're each facing up to five years in prison on child abuse charges and are running out of time to prove their innocence. At their request, Dr. Phil enlists the help of polygraph expert Jack Trimarco. What will the tests reveal? And why did one of them request a re-take?

“I didn’t know what was going on, until the police showed up at my door with an order of protection.”

Anger or Abuse?
Kerry claims her 27-year-old daughter, Christina, is an angry, unfit mother who physically abuses her 6-year-old grandson, and Kerry fears her 1-year-old grandson is also at risk. Christina admits to being angry, but insists she has never hurt her children and says she doesn't know why her mom keeps reporting her to CPS.

“You’ve got to know, for whatever reason, that you’re damaged.”

Stacy and Eric's cases are still pending. Stacy's jury trial is scheduled for this year. Eric's trial is currently in progress.