On Top of the World and Self-Destructive

August 1, 2012
To the world, four-time Olympic swimmer Amanda Beard was the picture of perfection: two-time gold medalist, gorgeous swimsuit model and sex symbol. But the 30-year-old American heroine says she was hiding a dark secret: she was abusing cocaine and ecstasy, binging uncontrollably on food and cutting her body with an eyebrow razor. In her autobiography, In the Water They Can't See You Cry, the two-time American Swimmer of The Year opens up to Dr. Phil about her painful past and reveals how she conquered her demons by using the same strength that made her a champion. Then, Jacque says as a professional bodybuilder, she's used to being judged based on her looks, but she has a secret no one sees: she’s a binge eater.

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"In the Water They Can't See You Cry"
Seven-time Olympic medalist Amanda Beard says behind the glamour, she was actually fighting the pressures of fame. The two-time American Swimmer of the Year opens up about her struggles with weight, drugs and cutting and reveals how she overcame her darkest hour. Now a wife and a mother, hear how her life has changed.

“I had so many things going for me, but I was so miserable."

The Strength to Get Better?
Jacque had dedicated her life to bodybuilding but says binge eating has taken over. She says she feels trapped in a vicious cycle of depression and her eating disorder. Joined by her mother and boyfriend, she pleads for a way out.

“I feel like I’m representing this image that I want to portray — but it’s exactly the opposite of who I am.”