Dates for Sale: Life of an Escort

April 18, 2012
Dr. Phil’s guests take you inside the taboo world of male escorts. Vin and Shawn say they provide women the perfect dating experience — at a price. What services do they offer, and how much are their clients willing to pay? Then, Sasha says she hires male escorts because they give her the comforts of having a boyfriend, with no strings attached. See what happens when she takes Shawn out for a night on the town. And, meet Garren, Vin and Shawn’s boss and owner of the male escort website,

ShawnVinShawn and SashaShawn at workSashaGarrenVinShawn

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Boyfriends For Hire

Shawn, 31, says he has been a male escort for two years and compares it to modeling: he gets paid for his time. Vin, 30, says being a male escort works out well for him because he enjoys making women happy. So, how much are women willing to pay for happiness?

Male escorts Vin and Shawn explain how their chosen profession works and how much clients are willing to pay.

Vin describes how he provides clients a guaranteed good time.

Vin and Shawn discuss contractual agreements. Plus, how does Vin explain his job to his girlfriend?

Sasha says she loves dating male escorts because there are no strings attached. See what happens when she takes Shawn out for a night of fun.

Meet Vin and Shawn’s boss, Garren, who owns the male escort website

What happens when Vin and Shawn aren't attracted to their clients? Plus, Garren explains why his agency only caters to single women.