Last Chance for Amanda

May 11, 2012
It's been nearly two years since Amanda last appeared on Dr. Phil and admitted to being addicted to OxyContin, heroin and cocaine. Immediately after the show, she spent 30 days at La Hacienda Treatment Center before transferring to an extended care facility. She agreed to stay in treatment for 90 days, and signed on for an additional 30 days, but left prematurely. Her parents, Terry and Laurie, say she moved back home shortly thereafter and relapsed — and her life is now hanging in the balance. Will Amanda agree to return to treatment before it’s too late?

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Amanda thenAmanda nowLaurieTerryInterventionists Brandon and DebbiePrivate Investigator Harold CopusBen Levenson, Origins Recovery CenterAlexandra Burger, Origins Recovery Center

Terry and Laurie reveal shocking information about their daughter. “She’s basically in a life or death situation.”

Private investigator Harold Copus and Amanda's parents, Terry and Laurie, confront her at a local hotel and try to convince her to get help.

Rehab or Run?

Amanda is torn between staying with her friends and getting help. With her health in serious jeopardy, she reluctantly agrees to go to the hospital. Will she continue to accept help, or return to a life on the streets?

Mother-son intervention team Debbie and Brandon rush to the hotel to join the effort. Learn why the group soon ends up in the emergency room.

Amanda is released from the hospital after a 72 hour hold. Will she agree to go back to rehab?

Paying it Forward

Since Brandon's drug intervention eight years ago — one of the first ever shown on national television — he and Debbie have been paying it forward by helping other families in need. Their efforts have earned them a high honor.

Dr. Phil makes a surprise announcement about Brandon and Debbie’s family.

Debbie grows emotional while discussing the many families she and Brandon have helped.

Meet Dr. Phil and The Doctors Executive Producer Carla Pennington.