Inside the Other Side

July 30, 2012
Psychics, mediums, numerologists … Do you believe people can see auras and receive messages from the other side? Dr. Phil’s panel of well-known experts — psychic and cosmic coach Dougall Fraser, spiritual medium Rebecca Rosen, numerologist Glynis McCants and intuitive counselor Colette Baron-Reid — say they have paranormal instincts and can prove it. Watch as they perform readings with Dr. Phil’s guests and the studio audience — are their insights accurate? Are you a believer? Tune in and weigh in!

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Psychic and Cosmic Coach Dougall Fraser
“I tune in to people’s energy by seeing color and images that tell me about their strengths and their weaknesses. My job is to help you live the best life.”
Spiritual Medium Rebecca Rosen
“My goal is to bring about a sense of healing that they haven’t been able to find any other way.”
Numerologist Glynis McCants
"I happen to be a three life path. A three is here to motivate and uplift other people, and I do that every single day through the power of numerology."
Intuitive Counselor Colette Baron-Reid
“I am able to see pictures and images around people that help me tell their story.”
"Professional Skeptic" Jim UnderdownNeuroscientist Dr. Diane Hennacy Powell
Critics say the problem with psychics is that their readings can't be replicated. How do the mediums respond? And, what colors surround Dr. Phil? Dougall gives him a reading!

“Are you going to kick me off the stage?”


Jim Underdown, “professional skeptic” and founder of Independent Investigations Group, which scientifically tests paranormal claims, says he can disprove psychic ability, and he believes mediums take advantage of people’s grief in an effort to make money. Will a staged social experiment support or challenge his claims?

Jim pretends to be a psychic and performs a reading for a group. Is he able to convince them that he's the real deal?

Rebecca gives a reading to the same group. Do the participants connect more with her or Jim?

"Part of how this works is do a lot of guesses."

Put to the Test

Without being provided with information, the psychics perform readings on guests and audience members. Will their paranormal instincts be correct?

Are the mediums able to determine what Cheyenne and Chanel are struggling with? You may be surprised to hear what they reveal.

Donna has been married for 16 years and says her husband is controlling, moody and yells at her every day. She asks: "Is it time for me to move on from this relationship, or is it worth saving?"

Rebecca addresses the audience. Is she be able to pick up the details of people’s lives?

Scientific Proof?

Dr. Diane Hennacy Powell M.D. is a neuroscientist and author of The ESP Enigma: The Scientific Case for Psychic Phenomena. She says psychic abilities do exist and she has proof.

“There have been thousands of studies on psychic phenomena and they are statistically significant, and they have been published in reputable journals,” she says. “People who are skeptics don’t read the literature.”

Jim disagrees. “We read all the literature. I’ve seen some of those studies, and they are not in any way convincing,” he says.

What do you believe? Weigh in!

Web Exclusive

Do we all possess the ability to read others? Find out!

“It’s my impression that every thought, feeling, desire you have is swirling around you."