Not-So-Sweet 16: "My Daughter's Dangerous Sex Life"

August 6, 2014

Fany and her husband, Markus, say they’re at their wits’ end with Fany’s 16-year-old daughter, Claire, who admittedly drinks, smokes marijuana and has sex with numerous partners. Dr. Phil has some tough questions for the teen about her choices — and for Fany and Markus about their parenting. How can Claire get back on track? This show contains strong sexual content. Viewer discretion advised.

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ClaireFany, Claire's motherMarkus, Claire's stepfatherLayla, former Dr. Phil guestDr. Matthew Polachek, Center for Discovery

Not-So-Sweet 16

"My 16-year-old daughter is promiscuous," Fany says. "She started having sex at 15 ... Now, I think she has had sex with 16 boys in the period of a year." Fanny says she found out Claire had participated in an orgy when graphic photos — and then a video — surfaced online. "There were five boys and two girls having sex," she says, adding, "It's tough as a parent to come to the realization that you have no control over what could happen. She feels like she's invincible."

Fany's husband, Markus, echoes her concerns and recalls, "When I first came into this family, Claire had just turned 12. Fany entered into a two-and-a-half year custody battle, and the problems began. Claire completely went wild."

Onstage, Dr. Phil tells the parents, "This is a dramatically maladjusted young woman, in my view, for this to be OK." He continues, "One thing that has to happen, on an immediate basis, is we have to suppress this behavior. You also have to figure out why this is happening — why this OK with her."

Dr. Phil reviews a timeline of some of Claire's bad behaviors.

Regarding the orgy, Markus says Claire told him she had intended to hook up with two guys, and then a third, who was 21 years old, jumped in to participate. "She claims to have tried to push him away some, and then he just went ahead and took advantage of her intoxicated state," he says.

"This 21-year-old — I assume he's been arrested?" Dr. Phil asks.

"They said I didn’t have enough proof, because it was consensual," Fany says. "Therefore, I couldn't press charges. So, they’re still investigating."

Claire's Perspective

"I don't think sex is bad," Claire says, adding that she has traded sex for marijuana and alcohol. She says her mother found a list she made of the guys she has slept with and "took the liberty of messaging every single one," which Claire says only made her want to rebel more.

Claire recalls the night of the orgy, saying she was drunk and high on pot. She says she went into a bedroom with one guy, intending to have sex with only him, but then two other guys joined in. "I don't really remember much," Claire says. Still, she insists, "It was consensual. I wanted to have sex. I was really messed up, but it wasn't rape."

"Tell me what you think the difference is between attention and exploitation." And, was Claire aware pictures were being taken that night?

"In order to give consent, you have to be of age and capacity. If you have diminished capacity, then you don’t have the ability to give consent."

"I chose to do that. I knew beforehand what was happening," Claire insists. "I wasn’t dumb. I mean, I was a little dumb, but I knew what was happening."

"Didn’t you change sex partners and didn’t even know it?" Dr. Phil asks.

"Yes, and I do think the older guy should get in some kind of trouble," Claire says. "But I don’t want to be responsible for getting five guys thrown into jail and ruining the rest of their lives."

"No, because you want to be popular."

"No, I just don't want to ruin somebody's life," Claire says, growing emotional. "I’m already not popular. People hate me. I don’t care. I don't want to be responsible for throwing someone in jail.”

Claire reveals a source of pain: "I definitely do feel like I was molested."

"You have a young girl behaving in a very grown up world ... Whatever her choices are, they're leading to consequences beyond her coping skills."

Words of Warning

When Layla appeared on the show three years ago, she was a self-proclaimed party girl who said she loved having fun and being sexy. She said drinking made her brave, witty and outgoing. She liked getting up on the table and dancing with friends, because guys paid attention to her. Layla had wrecked four cars while drunk driving, but she insisted that partying at 20 years old was "normal."

"Claire's story scares me more than mine." How is Layla doing now? And, what message does she have for Claire?

"You need a game-changer right now," Dr. Phil tells Claire. "You need to be selfish on your own behalf." He introduces Dr. Matthew Polachek, from the Center for Discovery, a residential treatment facility that provides specialized, therapeutic programs for women and teens.

"We have to find you," Matthew tells Claire. "We have to discover you, and empower you and build your self-esteem and your identity. This is an opportunity for you to focus on you and get away from the drama with school, the issues with mom and dad."

Claire and her parents accept the help.