Decision Day - Who Gets Kicked Out?

November 17, 2003
  • When Dr. Phil decided to have all 13 Weight Loss Challengers finalists stay on board, there was a caveat: They could vote someone off their team, and Dr. Phil could kick off anyone as well. Before the ballots are cast, the challengers have a fitness competition.

    Homework: How are you doing with key six, intentional exercise? Take Dr. Phil's "Exercise Audit."

The challengers get together in Dallas, and get a surprise visit from Dr. Phil.


Dr. Phil has harsh words. 


To focus on key six, intentional exercise, the two teams face off in a physical competition.



See what happens.  


The challengers share some of their struggles and success stories.



Learn from them.  


Weight Loss Challenge support groups are springing up nationwide.  

  • Find a support group.
  • Keep an online diary. 
  • Get involved online.


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