O, The Oprah Magazine: Sexual Confidence

April 21, 2004

Not a Shrinking Violet
Beverly, 48, says her extreme sexual confidence seems to scare men off. Does she have to pretend to be demure, shy and reserved in order to find the man of her dreams?

See what Dr. Phil thinks.


"I Feel Repulsed By My Body"
Lori has lost 130 pounds since giving birth to twins, but thinks her stretch marks and saggy skin make her look like she had "an encounter with Freddy Krueger." She has a hard time letting her husband touch her.


How can Lori get her confidence back?

Faking It for 15 Years
Beverlee has never had an orgasm during sex and has faked it more than once to "just have the whole thing over with." How can she get over her feelings of self-consciousness to enjoy sex more?

Dr. Phil has good news for her.

DrPhil.com Exclusive
Dr. Phil returns to the stage for some final words with his guests.





What you didn't see.



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