The Ultimate Weight Loss Challenge: One-on-One with Dr. Phil

September 29, 2003

Continuing his individual interviews with each challenger, Dr. Phil goes one-on-one with the remaining seven, pushing them to speak from the heart and get real.



AnnMarie was date raped twice when she was 16 and has been hiding her pain behind laughter, smiles and extra pounds ever since. 




 "I eat to push down feelings." 



A stress test scares Terri into getting real about the health risks she faces from being so overweight. 




 "I thought they were going to find something that was going to kill me."




"He doesn't know why he does what he does because he doesn't know who he is," Dr. Phil says about Donnie after their interview.




 "You would die for your daughter. But you won't live for her."




Fred encourages and supports his fellow challengers, but Dr. Phil asks him to focus on himself. "I want you 100 percent here or I want you 100 percent gone," he tells Fred. 



 "I'm a failure."



Barbara's sisters were killed when she was 13 and she has never stopped grieving. Dr. Phil tells her that moving on is the first step she needs to take to lose weight.  




 "You're going to have to let them go."  



Monika recounts a traumatic event from her childhood, and with Dr. Phil's help realizes that it is directly connected to negative patterns of behavior that she exhibits today. 



 "Dads don't do that to their kids."




Dr. Phil helps Leslie realize that she has the power to help not only herself but also the millions of Americans who are watching her journey on TV. 




 Leslie reveals a mortifying secret.




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