The Ultimate Weight Loss Challenge: The Final Cut

September 30, 2003

Dr. Phil's decision about who stays in the challenge " and who's eliminated " change the rules of the game.

After being sequestered in a house for a week, the finalists came back to the studio. One at a time, Dr. Phil called each challenger up to the stage.





Find out what happened.


After leaving the mansion, the challengers were armed with Dr. Phil's book, memberships at Gold's Gym, and video cameras to document their journey.





 View their homecomings. 


Angela is struggling not only with her weight but also with her finances. Should she stay in the challenge?





Dr. Phil has a plan for her.



Dr. Phil decides that he needs to open up a can of "whoop-ass" on a challenger who's making excuses and not doing the hard work.






See what happens.


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