Gold Diggers and Trophy Wives

June 21, 2005

Would you marry for money? These self-proclaimed gold diggers say they'll do whatever it takes to land themselves a rich man!

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On a Mission
Harmonie won't give a nice guy the time of day unless he's filthy rich. "Is there something wrong with being a gold digger?" she asks.

What she might be missing. 


'Broke Men Have No Vision'
Charmin is fed up with men who mooch and is now determined to marry a man worth at least $10 million.

Taking care of her man. 


Hard Work
K.T. was insulted by a marriage proposal with a three-carat diamond, and says it's "hard work" to be in her shoes.

Her latest strategy. 


Turned Off
Scott is a successful concert promoter who's tired of "money-grubbers."


How he tests women.


A Former Trophy Wife
Sugar was married to one of the world's richest men and has advice for gold diggers.

Was it worth it?

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