Secrets in the Suburbs

August 17, 2005

On the surface, your friends and neighbors may look peaceful, but they could be hiding painful secrets and living with guilt or shame.

Sex Offender Son
Dan and Teresa say their neighbors don't even know their oldest son exists. Now he's about to be released from treatment for molesting their two younger kids.

Should their son live at home again?


Rape Victim
Stefanie was brutally raped five years ago and says keeping it a secret has been taking a toll on her marriage and her life.

The healing begins.


Gambling Addict
LuAnn's been hiding her gambling addiction from her family. They have no idea that she's lost everything.

The underlying issue.

Final Thoughts
"If you're tired of living with a secret, trust me, you don't have to suffer alone," says Dr. Phil. "The worst thing you can do is get into isolation."

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