Inside the Cult

May 24, 2005

Dr. Phil delves further inside a controversial polygamous community where girls as young as 14 are reportedly forced to marry older men who have multiple wives, and young boys are forced to leave town.

See the first show, "Brainwashed Brides."

Looking for Answers
Jay McGraw is an unwelcome outsider who speaks with reluctant town officials about polygamy, the law and the cult.

What's being done to stop the abuse?


Defending Polygamy
Three women explain the benefits of knowing which other women your husband is sleeping with.

Over 12 wives and 90 children.


The Healing Process
It's been a year since they escaped Colorado City and the FLDS church. A whole new world has been opened up for Fawn B. and Fawn H.

How are they doing now?


The Lost Boys
Hundreds of young boys are being forced to leave the only town and family they know so that the older men in the community can have more wives.

Uneducated and alone, where can they go?



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