Parenting Secrets

May 31, 2005

Do your kids kick, scream, roll their eyes and call you names? Help is on the way! Dr. Phil answers parenting dilemmas as part of his ongoing series "Family First."

"I Feel Like a Scapegoat"
Michelle says her sons are so defiant that they make her feel like a total failure as a mother. Her husband says she's to blame for their bad behavior. 
 Is she contributing?



Still the Biggest Brat?
Four-year-old Avery was driving her parents insane by screaming, hitting and saying that she hated them.


How is Avery doing now?



An Unusual Habit?
Kyle and Jill say their 4-year-old daughter, Abby, has been obsessed with kissing. They even caught her in the closet smooching a sweater! 

Is this normal?



The Birds and the Bees
When should you have the sex talk with your kids?



What every father should know.