Mom's Biggest Mistakes

June 7, 2006

If your job description includes long hours, little sleep, and endless requests to open your pocketbook, you must be a mom! Dr. Phil has advice for avoiding some common parenting pitfalls.



Holiday Help

JaVonna, a single mom, was desperate for help with her two teenagers. She says their wish lists get longer each Christmas, and they've never given her a card in 15 years!



What happens when Dr. Phil turns the tables on her kids?  



No Time for Romance?

Kelly says her role as a wife has taken a back seat to her role as a mother. She's been married for four years, and can't remember the last time she and her husband went on a date.



Can they rekindle that flame?  



Letting Herself Go

When Jeanette got married, she was a blonde bombshell. Ten years and three kids later, she says she's lucky if she even has time to take a shower in the morning!


See what the Mom Squad has in store for her!



Larry King's Better Half

Being married to a famous broadcaster isn't easy. Shawn King, Larry King's wife, talks about her challenges, and shares some mistakes she made with one of her sons.



Meet Shawn and see her perform from her latest album.



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