"Marry Me or Else!"

December 20, 2006

It's do or die for the men today, as their partners tell them to either walk down the aisle or walk the highway! Plus, Robin has tips for maintaining a healthy relationship.



"I'm Worried about My Future"

Tony and Mary have dated for 12 years, and have been engaged for eight. Mary wants to set a wedding date, but Tony says even after all these years, he's not ready and still feels pressured to tie the knot.


Does Tony fear getting married or getting married to Mary?



Robin Weighs In

Dr. Phil's wife, Robin, shares her perspective on commitment, and talks about her own courtship woes with Dr. Phil! 



What does she think Mary should do?


Playing House? 

Rosanna has been dating her boyfriend, Dennis, for almost five years and says she's tired of just living together. Dennis maintains that he told Rosanna from the start he didn't want to get married.


Should she cut her losses and move on?