"You're a Liar!"

April 17, 2008

Everyone has fibbed at one time in their life, but what happens when you become a habitual liar? Parents and siblings face off with loved ones and say, "You're a liar, and we're sick of it!"



Who's Telling the Truth?

Annie says her sister, Abby, lies so much that no one in the family believes a word she says. They claim she lies about taking drugs, stripping for a living and being abused by her father. Abby says it's her family who's telling untruths.


"We don't associate with her much anymore."



Allegations of Abuse and Drug Use

Abby says that as a child she was abused by her father, a claim he denies. And, Dr. Phil confronts Abby regarding her drug use, surprising her with a drug test.



"He's beat me with a yardstick to where it broke into pieces."




Abby says her family disowned her when she started stripping as a profession. This wasn't the first time she felt unloved by her parents.  



"I was the child they never wanted."



Chronic Liar

Jon's family says he has been lying to them for over 10 years about everything from grades to money. His parents say creditors call every day, and they are now in financial ruin because of all his lies.


"Jon's behavior does make me feel like I've failed as a mom."



An Unexpected Visit

Jon's brother, Brian, wants him to stop lying once and for all. He joins the family onstage and confronts his brother. And, Jon comes clean to his family about all his secrets. 


See Jon's surprising reaction when he lays eyes on his brother.