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          Dr. Phil Drops a Bombshell on Young Parents in Tribal Court Custody Battle

          September 23, 2015

          Waco and Alley are battling Waco’s parents, Stacy and Jacob, over the custody of their 3-year-old daughter. Waco and Alley left their home state with the child — missing a Tribal Court custody hearing. In the video above, Dr. Phil drops a bombshell on the young parents about what they missed in court.

          WATCH: Legal Analyst Areva Martin Weighs In on Tribal Court Custody Battle

          Plus, Dr. Phil addresses Waco’s mother and stepfather and their attorney about their agenda: “You’re grinning ear to ear, and you have opened a can of worms you are going to wish you never opened.”

          This episode of Dr. Phil airs Thursday. Watch more here.

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