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          How A Woman Was Impacted After Losing Her Fiancé, Who Was Shot by Police

          July 14, 2016

          Michelle lost her fiancé, James, when police shot and killed him as Michelle looked on. Watch as Dr. Phil helps Michelle understand how her grief may be the source of her tumultuous relationship with her sisters. 

          "Here's the thing: You've lost your fiancé, and one thing that everyone agrees about is that this was a good man," Dr. Phil tells Michelle. "You lost this man whom you cared very much about. Then you lost your mother to cancer shortly thereafter ... Sometimes, grief can turn into depression and sometimes, it can start to unravel ... You have a daughter and you owe it to her for her to have the best mother that she can have and 100 percent of her mother. You have to take care of her mother."

        • Woman Describes What She Says Happened When Police Shot And Killed Her Fiancé
        • Sisters At Odds Confront Each Other For The First Time In Years
        • Experiencing Grief after Loss
        • Action Plan for Getting Back to Better Days
        • Forgiving Yourself after the Loss of a Loved One
        • Getting Through the Grieving Process
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