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          ‘My Teenage Daughter Moved Into A Motel With A Pimp And A Prostitute’

          September 23, 2016


          When Marcia and Greg let their 19-year-old daughter, Cheyenne, move back into their house after kicking her out – for the third time – they made her sign a contract. In the contract, Cheyenne promised to respect members of the household, complete her chores, be home before curfew, and work a full-time job. But just eight weeks after moving back home, her parents claim Cheyenne was back to breaking all the rules. The frustrated couple says they had no choice but to kick their daughter out – again. Now the rebellious teenager lives in a motel with two strangers.

          According to Marcia and Greg, one of the strangers, a man named Chris, is their daughter’s pimp.

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          “My teenage daughter moved out into a hotel, with a pimp and a prostitute,” says a horrified Marcia. “She told me she was going to go stay with some –quote unquote- ‘friends’ and they were going to help her find a job doing massages at a motel.”

          Her parents believe Cheyenne is prostituting herself, as well, and they say they’re concerned for her safety. Marcia says “[Cheyenne] always says, ‘It’s a lifestyle, it’s just the way it is’ … Well, it’s not. It’s not a safe lifestyle!”

          “People that go to get a massage in a motel – these are seedy people,” adds Greg.

          Cheyenne denies she’s doing anything wrong. “I’m not a prostitute because I don’t have sex with anybody for money. I simply give a relaxing massage – with a 'happy ending.'” “It’s not like I’m lying on them naked, or anything like that. I’m 19 years old; I’m an adult. If I want to give massages to people, I should be allowed to do that without any judgment.”

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          On Friday’s show, Dr. Phil weighs in on this family’s crisis and where he thinks they’re headed if they don’t make some drastic changes. Check here to see where you can watch.

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