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          Teen Denies Mom’s Catfishing Claims: ‘My Mom Thinks I’m The Devil’

          April 27, 2016

          Shannon says she thinks her daughter, Ryann, has created fake online personalities to lure boys.

          But the 18-year-old says she thinks her mom is the one who needs help.

          “My mom is a little delusional and is a pathological liar,” Ryann claims. “She’s pathetic, childish and often confused.”

          WATCH: Mom Claims Teen Is Catfishing Boys Online: ‘My Daughter Is A Pathological Liar!’

          Shannon claims the teen is a “catfish” who has been sexually active with some of the boys she’s met online. But Ryann shrugs off her mother’s claims and says she’s making it all up.

          “My mom plays the victim. She uses all her stories saying that I’m some crazy, out of control teenager,” Ryann says. “My mom thinks I’m the devil and it’s crazy because I’m really not.”

          “She’s blaming everything on me – her life, her past, her future, her present,” Ryan adds. “My mom is always telling me that I need help and I honestly believe that she needs help.”

          WATCH: Dr. Phil’s Warning For Teen Accused Of Creating Misleading Online Profiles To Attract Guys

          Ryann admits her and her mother fight often, but in the video above, watch as she explains why she says she called the cops on her mother.

          This episode of Dr. Phil airs Thursday. Watch more here.

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