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          Teen Says He Acts Out Because Parents ‘Treat Me Like A Baby’

          April 20, 2016

          Steve and Stephanie claim their 15-year-old son, Preston, is destroying their home and being physically and verbally abusive toward his parents.

          But Preston claims his behavior is often a response to how he says he’s treated by his parents.

          “My parents blame me for everything that goes on in the house,” the teen says. “My parents need to stop treating me like a baby.”

          WATCH: Stephanie Says Preston Is ‘Out Of Control’

          While these parents say they love their son and Stephanie says she has a “soft spot” for him, she says Steve and Preston don’t get along at all.

          “I’ve just kind of given up,” Steve admits. “I love my son to death, but he just pushes my buttons to the point where I can’t handle it.”

          WATCH: Preston Claims His Parents’ "Favoritism" Fuels His Violent Outbursts

          “I can’t stand my dad because he always hits me and beats on me,” Preston claims. “My dad treats me like a nobody. He acts like I don’t matter.”

          Watch the video above as an emotional Preston talks with Dr. Phil about life at home with his parents, and find out why Dr. Phil says the family’s problems are about much more than just Preston.

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