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          What Was Found At The Address Of ‘David Chris Jr.’s’ Supposed Lakeside Home?

          May 3, 2016

          Barbara says she is looking forward to the next chapter in her life, with her boyfriend “David Chris Jr.,” whom she met online.

          According to Barbara, once “David” returns home from Nigeria, where she says he’s been stuck for the past year dealing with “business issues,” the two will retire together to his lakeside home in Michigan.

          “A few months ago, David told me he was absolutely, deeply in love with me. The truth is, I am also in love with David,” Barbara says of the man she’s never met and of whom she says she has only seen one photo. “He has told me he has $700,000 in the bank and that is for us to live on when we get married.”

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          Since meeting “David” on what she says she thought was an online financial planning page, Barbara says she not only fell in love with “David,” but also admits to sending him approximately $5,000 over the past nine months.

          Barbara’s daughters and granddaughter say they are worried their mother is not only being taken advantage of, but they think she may be unwittingly being used as a “money mule” by a “con artist” calling himself “David.”

          WATCH: Grandma Comes Face-To-Face With Man In the Photo She Says She Fell In Love With Online

          As for the lakeside home Barbara says “David” told her he had in Michigan? Watch the video above as Dr. Phil sends one of his producers to the address “David” gave Barbara for his four-bedroom lakeside home.

          This episode of Dr. Phil airs Tuesday. Watch more here.

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