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          Why This Woman Says Her Brother’s Behavior Is Killing Their Parents

          February 1, 2016

          For the last 16 years, Rich, an ex-Marine, has been battling an addiction to drugs and alcohol. His sister, Adrienne, says he bullies his parents to give him money to support his habit, and she worries that his behavior will eventually kill them. 

          “My brother, Rich, is a trash-can addict. He’ll do any drug that is available to numb his pain, because he has nothing to look forward to,” she says, adding that she believes he’s also addicted to alcohol.

          Adrienne says that Rich, 29, will go to any extreme to get money for drugs, including manipulating people, specifically their parents. She says he calls them multiple times a day and becomes verbally aggressive with them if they won’t give him money.

          “Richard treats both my parents like they’re his indentured servants,” Adrienne says.” He’ll curse them out. He’ll call my mom a piece of [expletive], and [expletive] bitch. He calls my dad an idiot.”

          Fearing that Rich’s behavior is taking a serious toll on their parents’ well-being, she turns to Dr. Phil for help.

          “My parents are both overwhelmed with my brother’s addiction. It’s killing them,” she shares. “It’s very, very painful to watch. My greatest fear is that my brother will kill himself in his addiction and when he does, my parents will forever blame themselves.”

          Adrienne and Rich’s parents, Pat and Gheorghe, explain why they’ve given their son close to $225,000, in the video above.

          “Y’all have been trying to help him by giving him a soft place to fall,” Dr. Phil says, “and that’s the last damn thing, I think, he needs.”

          Are Pat and Gheorghe willing to do what it takes to save their family? Watch more from this episode.

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